Deanna A. Durban

Having spent her life in Haiti, Deanna Durban left the country in 1997 to pursue her education in the United States. Upon obtaining her undergraduate degree in International Economics and Political Science at SUNY Albany in New York, Ms. Durban spent two years working in the garment and electronics manufacturing industries in Haiti.

Ms. Durban subsequently returned to the United States and earned her juris doctor from the University of Florida in 2006. Upon admission to the Florida Bar, Ms. Durban began working with Pasquet, Gousse et Associés in Haiti. Ms. Durban's practice is unique in Haiti so far as her ability to practice and advise clients on American law. Her work focuses primarily on advising foreign clients with their corporate legal needs in Haiti and with their business transactions. Ms. Durban also has extensive experience with Haiti's tax and employment laws.

Thoroughly interested with the development of the country, Ms. Durban's pro-bono work currently consists of assisting two local non-government organizations with their operations in Haiti and with establishing their non-profit branches based out of Florida. While working in Haiti, Ms. Durban is also pursuing an equivalency in Haitan law.